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Report a Workplace Injury

If your business is a FUBA Workers’ Comp policyholder and one of your employees is injured on the job, please follow these instructions.

If immediate medical attention is required: 

Direct the injured employee to the nearest urgent care clinic or emergency facility. Then report the injury within 24 hrs.

If immediate medical attention is not required: 

Report the injury as soon as possible to have a claims adjuster assigned who can authorize medical treatment.

Florida law requires all workplace injuries be reported within 7 days. If injuries are not reported timely, the State of Florida can fine you up to $2,000.

To report a workplace injury:

Report by phone: 844-740-7007
Report online: serviceinsurance.com/claim-services
Report by email: claims@serviceinsurance.com

If reporting online or via email, add FUBA before your 5-digit policy number (no space).
Example: FUBA99999

Information needed to report a workplace injury:

  • Workers’ comp policy number
  • Policyholder contact information – name, phone number, address, email
  • Employee information – name, date of birth, contact info, date of hire, SSN, job description
  • Description of the accident
  • Date of accident

Please contact FUBA with any questions by calling 888-262-4483 or emailing fubawc@fubaworks.com.

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