Providing Reliable, Secure Coverage for Florida Employers

Large insurers traditionally have shunned small businesses, making it difficult for them to obtain workers’ compensation­ coverage.­ Florida United Businesses Association (FUBA) recognized this need and partnered with the “Citrus Self-Insurers Fund,” which since 1977 had insured primarily citrus packing and related agricultural businesses.

In 1999, FUBA formally endorsed and sponsored the Citrus Fund, changing its name to the Florida Citrus, Business & Industries Fund (FCBI) to reflect the broader range of businesses written through this partnership.­ Today, the Fund is marketed as FUBA Workers’ Comp.

Small business is the backbone of Florida’s economy.  While some insurers cater to large businesses, FUBA Workers’ Comp sees it differently. Not only do we understand the unique needs of the small business policyholder, we are committed to developing long-term, successful relationships no matter the size of the business.

We have established a reputation for providing solid coverage and personal service above and beyond the expected.  Our expertise in providing the best workers’ compensation coverage available is based on our well-trained staff of professionals.  Each member of our team represents years in the insurance and customer relations industries.  We work as a team of specialists to help businesses succeed with our knowledge regarding the workers’ compensation industry in Florida.

We are proud of our strong history and ties to the business community of Florida. Proven reliability. Unsurpassed customer service. Competitive dividend programs and agent commissions. Flexible and affordable payment options, including online payments. We have no doubt you will find FUBA Workers’ Comp as the solution you are looking for to meet your workers’ compensation needs.