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Policy Changes

The Policy Services Department is responsible for issuing new policies and keeping accurate and up-to-date records. This department also handles policy cancellations/reinstatements and endorsements, which are changes to your policy.

All endorsements require specific documentation. If you need to make a change to your policy, please contact your agent who will then contact us with the appropriate form.

(Please note: We will only communicate with the Agent of Record we have on file for your policy. If your agent has written your policy through a broker, your agent is NOT the Agent of Record, and we will not be able to answer questions or provide any information to your agent. You will need to have your agent first contact the broker who is the Agent of Record on your policy, and the broker will then contact us.)

Listed below are some functions of the Policy Services Department:

  • Issuing new policies to policyholders and agents
  • Updating addresses
  • Changing limits of coverage
  • Adjusting estimated payroll – proper documentation is required for payroll decreases
  • Applying MOD changes
  • Changing officers’ exemption status
  • Processing Waivers of Subrogation endorsement requests
  • Applying premium credits (Safety, Drug-Free and FCCPAP) and stock discounts
  • Cancelling/reinstating policies
  • Reporting data to NCCI
  • Loss run requests

You may email the Policy Services Department at policyinfo@fubaworks.com if you have any questions.