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FUBA Membership

Florida United Businesses Association (FUBA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing the interests of small businesses throughout Florida.

Membership in FUBA is required in order to obtain A- rated, non-assessable, fully insured coverage available through FUBA Workers’ Comp, but annual dues are only $85 and carry a number of other exceptional benefits. Dues will be billed annually after the first year of membership.

Joining FUBA gives members access to:

Labor Law Poster

An “All-in-One” labor law poster is provided free to new policyholders, along with their policy information kit. This poster contains all required state and federal postings. Members will always stay in compliance with the State and Federal employment notice laws because FUBA notifies them if any of these required posters change.  FUBA will provide any revised postings at no charge or for a nominal fee.


The ISSUES newsletter is published monthly and sent to all FUBA members. It keeps them informed of legislation and regulations that may affect their business, and explains how to stay in compliance.


FUBA’s full-time Government Relations staff lobbies the Florida Legislature and regulatory agencies on behalf of its members. FUBA makes sure that lawmakers hear the small business point of view when they are voting on relevant legislation.

“First Call” Program

FUBA acts as a liaison between its members and state agencies that regulate small businesses. Through its “First Call” program, FUBA helps members with questions on issues like providing lunch breaks, hiring/firing practices and other regulatory related questions.

Small Business Advisor

FUBA members receive a free, easy-to-read, employer-friendly Small Business Advisor publication, which covers such issues important to small businesses as:

  • Employer Compensation
  • Re-employment Compensation
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Handling Worthless Checks
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Government Contacts

For more information regarding the many benefits and services offered by FUBA, click here to see how FUBA WORKS for its members or visit To download an application, please visit our Resources & Documents page.