The deadline for Florida employers to pay their quarterly unemployment taxes to the state of Florida has been extended 30 days.  The payment was originally due April 30, 2021, but this deadline is now May 31, 2021

Please note:  This extension only applies to the payment of unemployment taxes.  Employers must still file their unemployment tax return (Form RT-6/Employer’s Quarterly Report) no later than April 30, 2021 to be considered timely. 

As a reminder, employers are required to pay Florida unemployment tax (now called reemployment tax in Florida) quarterly to the Florida Department of Revenue using the form RT-6 (Employer’s Quarterly Report). The RT-6 form and any tax owed are typically due 30 days after the end of each quarter. 

Reports are due even if you had no employees or wages to report for that quarter. 

Here is due date schedule for unemployment reports.  State unemployment taxes are due when you file your report, except for the payment for this first quarter of 2021, which is now due May 30.

QuarterMonthsDue by
1stJanuary – MarchApril 30
2ndApril – JuneJuly 31
3rdJuly – SeptemberOctober 31
4thOctober – DecemberJanuary 31

You can sign up here to receive an email from the Florida Department of Revenue every reporting period reminding you of the due date.