Because it can be challenging to keep up with the Florida law requirements on what businesses are required to have workers’ compensation insurance and who is eligible to exempt out of these requirements, we have expanded our handy “Exemptions At-A-Glance” reference guide.­ This guide now contains coverage requirements as well as exemption information and has been retitled “Key Coverage Requirements and Exemption Information At-a-Glance.”­

The expanded guide covers the following topics:­

  • Key workers’ comp coverage requirements
  • Exemptions for construction companies
  • Exemptions for non-construction companies
  • A list of class codes the State of Florida considers to be in the construction industry

>>Download the Exemptions-at-a-Glance reference guide here.<<

FUBA Workers’ Comp created this document as a general summary of Florida law regarding workers’ compensation exemptions.­ It is not intended to provide legal advice or insurance coverage advice. For specific questions, please contact a licensed insurance agent, an attorney, or the Division of Workers’ Compensation.