The federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has released a new version of its job safety poster (called “It’s the Law”) that all employers are required to post at their workplaces.­ The poster has been updated to include the new requirement that all employers have to report every on-the-job fatality as well as every employee hospitalization, amputation and loss of an eye.

OSHA states on its website that previous versions of the OSHA poster do not have to be replaced with this new poster. So, employers are still in compliance with the old OSHA poster, and no action is necessary from employers.­ With this new poster change, your business may receive notices from poster companies trying to scare you into buying expensive compliance packages to avoid penalties for not having the right poster.­ As long as your OSHA poster is dated from 2006 or later, your poster is current.­ And, in general, as long as the All-in-One labor law poster you have from us is dated 2012 or later, you are in compliance with all state and federal mandated employment postings for general businesses.

The OSHA poster is also available in Spanish, Korean, Nepali and Chinese.­ While employers are not required to display the OSHA poster in a foreign language, even if the majority of workers in a workplace do not speak English, OSHA encourages employers with Spanish-speaking workers to post the Spanish version at their workplace along with the English version.

Please note that OSHA regulations require the poster to be printed at least 8.5” by 14” in at least 10-point type.­

If you have any questions about poster requirements, please email FUBA at or call (800) 262-4483 and ask for Karen or Lance.