- Policyholders -

Reporting Work-Related Injuries

Policyholders must report all on-the-job injuries within 7 days of the accident using the procedures below.  Failure to timely report workers’ compensation injuries can result in a fine of up to $2,000 from the State of Florida as well as cancellation of your workers’ compensation insurance policy.


If the injury is an emergency, immediately call 911 or transport the injured worker to the nearest emergency facility. Within 24 hours of initial emergency treatment, report the injury using one of the methods below.


Step 1:  Find the name of your insurance carrier. 

It will either be Lancer Indemnity Company or Service Lloyds Insurance Company.  To find your carrier’s name: 

  • Review the first page of your workers’ comp insurance policy to see the carrier name.
  • Check the sticker on the “broken arm” poster you were provided.
  • Call your local insurance agent.
  • Call the FUBA offices at 888-262-4483.

Step 2: Tell the insurance carrier about the accident. 

If your carrier is Lancer Indemnity Company, use one of these methods:

If your carrier is Service Lloyds Insurance Company, use one of these methods: